A Port in a Storm

by Parasoma

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released February 7, 2014

All songs written and performed by Parasoma:
Josh Smith - Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Brian Dolan - Drums, Trumpet, Vocals
Jim Morey - Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Synths, Etc
Marc Ferreiro - Bass, Vocals, Percussion

Additional Vocals on "And so it goes" by Candie Connerney
Recorded at Terminal St
Mixed and mastered by Jim Morey at The Unsaid Studios
All lyrics by Parasoma except lyrics from "And so it goes" and "The Witless" by Dan Phillips

Artwork by Jim Morey. Well, photoshopped by him anyway. Thanks, Da Vinci! Public Domain rules.

Thanks to Dan Phillips for the words, Candie Connerney for her voice, Jake Harvey for the mics, Alex Kozen for the troubleshooting and Jim's new amp that's on a couple of songs, a special thanks to our families and our parents for making us, to Lynn Sanders for her undying patience as Jim mixed this endlessly and for not murdering him, Katie Smith, Angie and Mike Fougere, Eric Ferreiro, Christina and Tillman, Mike and Julie, Matt and Kim, The Dahmers, Josh and Andrea, Ronen Cuperman, RJ Curro, Josh and Darian, Peter and Jenny, Doug, Shin, Shelby, Kobie, Alex Ferreiro for the preamp, Boris Eßmann for the homemade pedal...ich vermisse dich, mein Freund, bis wir uns wiedersehen! The guy that taught the free home recording and mixing seminar at Guitar Center, certain (ahem) media for the samples, all the bands we've ever played with and venues that let us on your stages and their kind bartenders, all who have inspired us throughout our lives, and extra big thanks to all of you who have come to our shows and have supported us in so many other ways. We love you all.



all rights reserved


Parasoma Boston, Massachusetts

Our 1st album, "A Port in a Storm" is now available!

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Track Name: Lies
Decide to reveal this
Falsehoods are all we will ever find
Despite that I try to believe you
Try but you'll just lie anyway

And I can't see you move inside
I hope you'll be faithful
Hope is not just a waste
These lies bind us together
Blind us to the stormy weather

And I can't see you move inside
I can't deceive you if you lie

How can I trust you anymore?
Track Name: Art of Conversation
Wanting to move is like
Lifting all the water you ever drank
And it's not easy finding something worthwhile to say
That's something you'd say
Or is it just over now?

All of these words are fine
There's meaning in there that you haven't heard
And it's not easy finding something contrite to say
That's something you'd say
Or is it just over now?
Where is that you're hiding out?

Wear the clothes that you'd always hoped
Would be an easy road to when it's over
If I could do, do just one thing
I'd be already home
'Cause it's over

Play the role so they'll never know
These lies are all you wrote
It's almost over
Damn the play
Please tell me
Do you have anything to say?
'Cause I'll be waiting

Don't you have anything to say?
I'll be waiting
Track Name: Time is Just
Who says that you need a partner
Leave someone and live forever
Things don't seem to be so bad when
Looking at the bright side
Don't take this the wrong way
But I think I changed my mind
And I don't feel like going on and on
Just thinking I'm the same

Finding the answer
Is losing
The meaning of
Changes you
Need all the time
The constant is
Not knowing

Seems you're waiting for the time
When to your knees forever brings you
Self-fulfilling prophecies
That never realized
Thinking that I found the answer
Feeling pretty good about my
Life has changed before I know
I'm acting out dramatically

When you think
You know
It's time
It's beautiful and feels quite true
We share a place
In all our hearts
It's cynical
And quite untrue

Time is just your enemy
Time's got naught to spare for me

I'll bet you know how it needs to be
You fret me so
Don't let it go
I am your disease
I will be the best that you receive
If only...
Track Name: A Port in a Storm
"Out back,"
She said
"There's bottles and bottles to drain
But there's been trouble today."

The patrons nod and mutter,

"Try the door and see."

Scan the room,
There's no door there for me.

"Where did I come in?"

"It's a big show,
and it's not cathartic.
We know it's a bit entropic."

"Save me a seat."

"It's been far too long for us to know our way back home."

"Get me a drink."

"Sure kid, it's easy, we can fix you up, it's no big thing.
Just let me see your eyes. I'll hide them safe and sound.
Don't make a sound."

"We're all sober here now, it don't how much we drink."

"Just let me see your eyes. I'll hide them safe and sound."
The next round's on me."
Track Name: And so it goes
And so it goes
Our consciousness that falls
Out forward and forceful
Still we fall and fade
Our lives will never end unconsciously repentant
But that's all I'll know
'Cause lately the sun isn't waiting so long
And everything keeps happening
In pieces and particles that I cannot perceive
Or so it seems

And so it goes
The lust and power
Madness falls to prose I wrote and
You did know that
The little things
The diamond rings can crush your soul
And now you are down on your knees
Don't you bow
There's no need
My time's come forward
My time is over
As we fall through space
One last time
It's my time
I'll be fine
But I don't want to go

And this is how our story's told
As we fall into the great unknown
One part fear
One part skeptical

And as our bodies wave goodbye
We resign as we fade into the sky
Oh please open your eyes

And you said
Just let there be one more night
You said
I just don't want to disappear
Track Name: The Witless
Steel yourself
Against their bold insanity
In silence after sighs
Unworthy of attention
Seek a whole new strategy
Your laughter always gave you away

In time you'll understand
What I meant when I said
I'm always afraid
Too many moments given
This or that mistake

Oh, to be so thoughtless

An open faced activity
Pushed away intensely
Will not be coming back
Simple truth suppressed
Our words create emptiness
I know it's for the best

Oh, to be so conscious
Honesty's for the witless

Take what you want and just leave
Leave me with everything