Pieces and Particles

by Parasoma

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released March 5, 2012



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Parasoma Boston, Massachusetts

Our 1st album, "A Port in a Storm" is now available!

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Track Name: Port in a Storm
"Out back" she said,
"There's bottles and bottles to drain
but there's been trouble today."

The patrons nod and mutter:
"Try the door and see."

Scan the room,
There's no door there for me.

"Where did I come in?"

"It's a big show
and it's not cathartic,
we know
it's a bit entropic."

"Save me a seat…"

it's been far too long
for us to know our way back home."

"Can I get a drink?"

"Sure kid, it's easy
we can fix you up,
it's no big thing,
there's one thing I need…"

"Just let me see your eyes,
I'll hide them safe and sound…"

"We're all sober here
no, it don't matter how much we drink
It stays the same…"

"Just let me see your eyes,
I'll hide them safe and sound…"

"The next round's on me."
Track Name: And So It Goes
And so it goes:
a consciousness that flows
forward and forceful…
Still, we flow and fade,
our lives will never end
unconsciously repentant.
that's all I'll know
'cause lately the sun isn't
waiting so long,
and everything keeps happening
in pieces and particles
that I cannot perceive...
or so it seems.

And so it goes:
the lust and power,
madness falls to prose
I wrote,
and you did know
the little things, the diamond rings,
can crush your soul...
and now you are down on your knees,
don't you bow
there's no need,
'cause my lights come forward,
my time is over. 
as we float through space
one last time,
"are we gone?"
it's my time
"but I don't want to go"
and this is how our story's told
as we flow into a great unknown
as one part fear, one part skeptical
and as our bodies slowly die
you despair as though we fade into a sigh
please just open your eyes

you said: 
I just don't want to disappear..."

and do we fall
or do we die?
vanish, you and I?
but that's the point of this life,
all your efforts,
will coincide,
just go gracefully this time...
Track Name: Like Paragons
…this song is a fast song isn't it?
It moves right along, as you do
when you're feeling peppy
as you do when you're walking
down the street on a crisp fall day.
as you do just after a cold swim
in the summer...
this tune hurries,
just as you hurry,
when you're eager
to get somewhere.
it has a beat
that moves
right along