Sooner or Later EP

by Parasoma



released November 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Parasoma Boston, Massachusetts

Our 1st album, "A Port in a Storm" is now available!

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Track Name: Lies
Decide to reveal this
Falsehoods are all we will ever find
Despite that
I try to believe you
Try but you'll just lie anyway
I can't see you move
Hope you'll be faithful
Hope is not just a waste
These lies bind us together
Blind us to the stormy weather
I can't see you move
I can't deceive you if you lie
How can I trust you anymore?
Track Name: And so it goes
And so it goes:
Our consciousness that falls
Out forward and forceful still we
Flow and fade
Our lives will never end unconsciously repentant
That's all I'll know
'Cause lately the sun isn't waiting so long
And everything keeps happening
In pieces and particles
That I cannot perceive
Or so it seems

And so it goes:
The Lust and Power
Madness falls to prose I wrote and
You did know that
The little things
The diamond rings
Can crush your soul
And now you are down on your knees
Don't you bow
There's no need
My time's come forward
My time is over
As we fall through space
One last time
It's my time
I'll be fine
But I don't want to go

And this is how our story's told
As we fall into the great unknown
One part fear and one part skeptical
And as our bodies wave goodbye
We resign as we fade into the sky
Oh please open your eyes

And you said tonight
Just let there be one more night
You said I just don't want to disappear
Track Name: The Witless
Steel yourself against their bold insanity
In silence after sighs
Unworthy of attention seek a whole new strategy
Your laughter always gave you away
In time you'll understand
What I meant when I said
I'm always afraid
Too many moments given
This or that mistake

Oh, to be so thoughtless

An open-faced activity
Pushed away intensely
Will not be coming back
Simple truth suppressed
Our words create emptiness
I know it's for the best

Oh, to be so conscious,
Honesty's for the Witless

Take what you want and just leave
Leave me with everything